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The Local Development Strategy seeks to improve the livelihoods of Tsalka municipality’s local population and to further develop the municipality.

The main goal of the Strategy is to improve the social integration of local communities in Tsalka municipality, provide access to social services and create new economic opportunities for the local population via participatory planning. The expected outcomes of the Strategy include: reducing rural poverty, improving the livelihoods of the local population and addressing economic, social and environmental challenges faced by Tsalka municipality.

The methodology behind developing the Strategy is based on the LEADER approach and principles, involving the active engagement of local community members in the assessment and prioritizing the needs of the local population. To properly accomplish this important task, the Tsalka LAG was provided with intensive trainings concerning issues in terms of developing a local development strategy based on LEADER principles at the initial stage of strategy development. To support the quantitative analysis, a qualitative study and sector-specific SWOT analysis was conducted with the active involvement of representatives from different sectors. SWOT analysis described priority areas of the region on the basis of which strategic areas for intervention were identified.

The analytical part of the Tsalka Local Development Strategy is based on the results of the following thematic studies that were carried out within the framework of the project:

  1. Demographic and social characteristics of Tsalka municipality;
  2. Agricultural needs assessment in Tsalka municipality;
  3. Study of tourist potential and cultural heritage of Tsalka municipality.

The strategic part contains those issues and needs which have been identified in the analytical part, prioritized by the LAG sectoral groups and agreed upon with the LAG management council.

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Tsalka Local Development Strategy – English 

Tsalka Local Development Strategy – Armenian

Tsalka Local Development Strategy – Azerbaijani